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tv   Journal  PBS  December 8, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome to "the journal." coming up this hour, germany is accused of being on european by the chairman of the euros on a group of nations. thousands protest after authorities announced the results of the presidential poll in haiti. people around that the world remember the shooting of john lennon. -- are around the world remember
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in the shooting of john lefnon. deep differences opinion are rising on how countries in europe should work themselves out of the sovereign debt crisis. the president of the group strongly criticized germany for rejecting his proposal of bonds as a way of helping weaker countries raise money. he said that german government thinking was simplistic. berlin accused him of unsettling the market. >> the president has accused berlin of rejecting his proposal for stuing it. he said that bonds would provide cheaper debt for countries with tight budget deficits. the german chancellor would like eu leaders to abandon the idea as they draw up a permit rescue them -- drop a permit rescue mechanism for the euro.
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>> we are working in a targeted a manner towards that which awaits us next friday. my calm demeanor is my contribution to the process. >> fort angela merkel, the remarks by the euros on president art not helpful. this would keep groups from fixing their economies. -- for angela merkel, the remarks are not helpful. >> we asked if the most powerful member of the eu was becoming isolated on th issue in europe. >> it is ginng to look that way. the president is said to the end of his tether with the german caution. as europe's biggest paymaster, europe will carry the can that anything goes wrong. from the first day, there has
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been frustration with germany. angela merkel's approach delayed agreement on a greek a bailout. this was seen by some to have actually triggered the crisis in duin. then she wanted a treaty change. she effectively block to agreement on the euro bonds which some say would improve the situation regarding portugal, spain, and other countries. yes, germany is increasingly isolated but some of their supporters say that this is with good cause. they are the biggest paymaster and they have to tread carefully on every move because- they can end up caring the biggest financial burden for any future bailout. >> with a germany undergoing pressure, we asked our
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correspondent if berlin was pushing its own interests at the expense of its european partners. >> that might be one way of looking at this but certainly germany seems to be willing to fight in its own corner. we had the german spokesperson coming out and saying that germany is not engaging in on european activities -- un european activities. yes, germany is still committed to the euro. germany has qualms about eurobonds. have we have seen, germany is worried that there would only be a single interest rate across europe for europe rather than variable interest rates as applied at the moment which germany sees as a method of coaxing or encouraging the country's worst hit in the isis to irodu severe austerity measures.
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germany worries that this would mean a rewrite of the european treaty and the bonds might be rejected by german constitutional courts. there are growing fears that public opinion might not stomach this, the german vote is becoming jittery about the commitments made on their behalf. europe, how will they come up with a common approach at the upcoming brussels summit on all of this and this is an interesting question. >> riots has broken out in haiti after lived as a wrote -- after the results of the presidential were announced. some are accusing the ruling coalition of rigging the results. one person was shot and two others have been wounded in the protests. >> thousands of protesters and vented their anger from the
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streets of the capital, port-au- prince. most supported a popular singer who came in third. results showed that he missed the runoff by less than 7000 votes. >> we want him for president. he was the first one who spoke about the cholera epidemic. we wanted even if we have to bring the country south to a standstill. >> his backers accused the governing party of rigging the vote so that its candidate would advance to a runoff. he warned of all-out war if the president's candidate make it into the second round. -- when he warned of an uproar. the u.s. embassy has called the vote in consistent with international monitors observations. the official results picked the former first lady against the governing party candidate.
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the runoff will be in january. whoever emerges the wwill face challenges. 1.5 million people remain homeless after the devastating earthquake last year. haiti has only received a fraction of the international aid pledged for reconstruction. >> in chile, more than 80 inmates have been killed in a fire in a prison in the capital of santiago. the blaze was deliberately started it during an early- morning fight between some of the prisoners. overcrowding might have contributed to the high loss of life. friends and relatives were waiting for news of their loved ones. hackers have launched a series of cyber attacks in apparent support of wikileaks. mastercard, which has blocked donations to the web site, was among those targeted. in the meantime, the australian government says it will provide
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julian assange with consular help following his arrest by british authorities. julian assange, who is an australian citizen, denies the allegations of sexual misconduct. is in the.k. awaiting extradition. middle east peace process are in cpa state of crisis, says a palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. he has urged the european union in playing a bigger role in negotiations. the u.s.-brokered direct talks between israel and the palestinian organizations and these broke down over jewish settlement construction. the u.s. has decided to back off of a settlement moratorium as a way to begin talks. mahmoud abbas still says that they hope for a deal by next year. let's check in with steve to find out what all of this
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eurobond business is having on the market. >> the talk about the creation of a eurobond is doing nothing for germany. the yield for the 10-year bond rose above 3% for the first time in nine months. a trader says it points to worry about germany joining other countries to create the so- called eurobond. germany's credit worthiness is the best in the rosellen now but this could change if they are bundled with other countries in the european bond. both sides of the atlantic were in focus on wednesday. we have this report from frankfurt. >> not so much the market -- and not so much the stock market but the market for government bonds moved into focus on wednesday. germany has to pay higher yields on its government bonds. the discussion of eurobonds is weighing on the credit
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worthiness. in the u.s., this is compromised by tax cuts. the rating agency moving to question the top ratings that american government bonds are still getting. >> lots have a look at the market numbers starting with the blue chips in frankfurt. the dax index finished the day lower. in new york, the dowjone industrials are higher. the euro is trading at $1.3250. several european countries are introducing austerity measures which have been met with protest. workers in the czech republic have voiced their concerns about the government plan to reduce salaries by 10%. thousands of workers demonstrated in prague on
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wednesday. hospitals or on the open to emgency patients. the government would like to implement the cuts to try to slow rising national debt. in a mood to create an even hand of dealing with the bad guys of the financial market, the commissioner has launched a campaign for a europe wide system of fines and punishment. manipulation changes from country to country. a uniform system of sanctions would make competition more fair. >> goldman sachs was fined over 20 million euros for not disclosing a u.s. investigation into 80 of its employees. in lithuania, the penalty would have been 150,000 euros. the european commission would like to change this. >> we allow member states to do this within their own societies but there is good reason for
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introducing some minimum standards so that standards are efficient, proportional, and act as a deterrent. >> the high levels of a shadowy dealings on financial services markets must be fought more resolutely. violations should be punished and criminal court. the commission is planning tighter regulations to our improved financial market transparency. >> a transparency is the first prerequisite for responsibility. we wanted to know who is doing what and people in the markets to more actively participating should be willing to take responsibility for their actions. >> companies and experts have until february to submit their opinions on the initiatives. any new rules will take effect in 2012. >> a big win for the german coal industry. subsidies for coal mines can continue until 2018. that is four years longer than
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planned. the government in berlin has complained of the tosser subsidies which would be too soon and result in massive job losses. 25,000 miners work in the five remaining mines. -- the government in berlin has complained of the subsidies which would be going down too quickly. european companies are preparing to harness the next generation of energy in sub-saharan africa. >> the technology to harness solar parity are desisted place like spain but it could be decades before african electricity towers european homes and factories. >> we are dealing with a lot of countries. we have to think about how we get the power from one to the other, how to get into the network, how to charge, so on. >> lack of know-how is also a
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problem in some african countries. meeting the algerian president on wednesday, the german chancellor says the political will is there. >> this is still a dream right now but it can become a project to connect our two continents, >> projects like the desert -- are especially important for germany which is trying to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. >> now some news from china. >> we have a first ever peace prize there. the confucius' peace prize will be handed out to the former taiwanese vice-president on thursday. that is the day before the imprisoned chinese dissident as honored as the winner of this year's nobel peace prize. a small group of legislators in hong kong protested against the continued imprisonment.
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the human rights campaigner is serving an 11-year sentence on subversion charges. china condemned the choice of this year's laureate as an obscenity. torrential rains in southern spain have caused major flooding and many people have evacuated. one river hasas bus banks and flooded a historic town center. much of the region of andalusia was put on high alert and more heavy rain is on its way. severe weather wheat have thick and portugal as well wear a powerful tornado destroyed as cool and caused major damage in the northeastern teacher -- in a northeastern town. fans have gathered in liverpool and in new york city for vigils mararking th anniversary of the murder of john lennon. in new york, people lit candles and sang songs in remembrance of the musician whose life was
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abruptly ended by a gunman bullet. >> it was a cold night when mark chapman shot john lennon five times. he died almost instantly as news spread, thousands of fans gathered at the scene to mourn the musicians death. >> to open bracke♪ imagines alle ♪ >> 30 years later, this area still draws fans of his music. >> he lived in a time in which i was not born yet but is moving so touching. this is very emotional. >> his relationship with paul condi came to an acrimonious end
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when the beatles split in 1970. he also continued to write and perform music. "we all sinon," sang john lennon in the song "instant karma." -- we all shine on
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destination. >> when he opened the final round of climate change talks in mexico, the u.n. secretary general made an urgent appeal to government ministers to take serious steps to curb global warming. environmental activists hope that canker and will yield more concrete progress than the 2009 conference in copenhagen.
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even though a binding global pact is not in place, people across the planet are still moving towards renewal energy sources that provide economic savings and greater economic freedom. we lk at some efforts made around e world toward energy independence. >> the first of on our journey takes us to the philippine islands. the virgin forests that once covered -- were cut down to make way for sugar plantations. what was once a green land is just an enormous field. there has been enormous erosion. this woman is showing these tree nursery employees how to the aim is to protect the environment. >> this area was covered with
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shrubs. we planted this area for the purpose of minimizing erosion. >> the residences are doing their bit as well, at least those that have a watch and supply. for every cubic meter, they paid the equivalent of 2 cents to the tree cultivation project. this means more trees to store water in the ground and find co2. >> this is a big step towards selling climate change. -- slowing climate change. we now go to argentina. at 4,000 meters above sea level, even summer can get frosty. it is cold and locals have to
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heat a lot. they use this bush for fuel, a plant carrying vast areas of the region. the supply has dwindled. -- from germany is helping the local steel was scarce fuel supplies. he works for an argentinian aid organization which is equipping the villagers with solar technology. it means that they can use the energy from the sun for cookie. >> this instrument measures direct sunlight over an extended amount of time and now we can determine how much co2 this solar cooker saves. >> this has led to the installation of even bigger solar power systems. these can heat homes as well as water economically. the solar system's are assembled locally and the parts are made
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domestically too. trying to capture the environmentally friendly energy is boosting a small amount of business as well. now we go to southern africa. this kingdom is one of the poorest countries in the world. it has an informant a bessie's little rain and it is getting more dry. one thing in abundance is sunshine and is being put to good use. 40% of the population is hiv- positive and energy consumption has risen sharply due to the need to get medical supplies. >> we are very glad to hear this. we have been hearing this for two months now. we sometimes go without electricity.
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we are using this to taste hiv and -- test hiv and aids. the refrigerator is self was from the town of man seen me. every yea the country produces 70,000 iceboxes. this was specially made for use in hot climates. this has a thick layer of insulation. if the sun fails, it can keep contents school for up to 70 hours without consuming energy. this is a clever solution for a country that has done little to affect climate change but has suffered greatly because of this. this is to the coastline of papua, new guinea.
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this is home to hundreds of aquatic species and a complex ecosystem. over half of the co2 produced by human activities of georgia are the world's oceans but that only happens in clean water. estimates suggest over 50 million tons of garbage are dumped every year in our oceans. this is one of the places where it is washed up. -- is employed by an organization which is called the guardian of the sea. they also guide school kids and explain how important it is to remove the garbage from the bay. >> this is probably 70 or 80 years to break down. people throw their cigarettes into the sea. polska -- bottles, any time of
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bottles, 100 years. it might never be able to break down. >> this is one way to protect the environment. another is to prevent overfishing. a fishing ban was introduced years ago and has produced positive results. the population has risen since 2005 and cool reef our pride thing again. -- coral reef populations are thriving again. this is one of the last true wilderness is in siberia. the forest here stores an enormous amount of co2 and is a major contributor to the climate protection. conservationists and locals have joined together to lease a part of the forest and this is off-
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limits to the tree sellers. >> these trees were cut down three months ago but that is not all, only local people can use this wood to build their homes. >> the tree population has a big influence on the region's biodiversity. environmentalists and local people are aware that hunters and local companies will try to ply their trades in other areas of the force. their hope is that this will be declared a nate reserve. these are just five ways that people are around the globe are trying to save the climate. now it is up to politicians in canton to make their contributions. the experts agree, what has been agreed so far is not enough.
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can the politicians now achieve more? >> that has been our "in depth," for today. you can visit our website for more information. that wraps up "the journal," at this hour. stay tuned.
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